Monday, October 6, 2014

Hackwith Design House

Well made items are hard to come by these days. Especially, unique well made items. So I was so happy to stumble upon Hackwith Design House based in Minneapolis. Hackwith was created by Lisa Hackwith with the realization that she needed to design clothing that she loved and that would become staples in her own closet. These staples are not limited to seasons; instead of making collections, there is a new design released every Monday!

"Every one of her designs is an expression of her aesthetic and the way she likes clothing to feel.  She delights in the details: the stitching, the color of the fabric, the way that it feels on your skin, the angle of a hemline, and always, her goal is to create the highlight of your closet."
In the mission statement: "We believe that your favorite piece of clothing doesn’t have to be shared; it can be as unique as you are. Instead of designing for mass production, we immerse ourselves wholeheartedly in the process and create every piece with the intention of it becoming that special highlight of your closet. We create less than 25 of each piece, which makes all of them uniquely rare and special."
 My absolute favorite piece is this beautiful kimono in cream. It's one of those pieces where I can imagine myself wearing it out to dinner, to the farmer's market, or casually around the house.

Some of my other favorites include:
Elsa Tank
 Dale Coat


To check out more of Lisa's designs and to see what she is up to, go browse her website or her blog :)

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