Monday, October 13, 2014

Plaid Sweatshirt

Once fall comes and the weather gets cool, most of my friends will agree that I will wear my plaid flannel for about four of the seven days of the week. I'm such a sucker for a well crafted, plaid flannel shirt. Not the flimsy ones that show your mid-drift after one wash. The one bought in the men's section of the store that's a bit heavier and fits in all the right places. AND it has to be the right color combo. (More lumberjack chic the better.) However, when it came to my attention via Pinterest that designers are busting out plaid sweatshirts, I think I cried tears of happiness. Finding a suitable one at the right price though, that would be tricky. Well, it turns out it wouldn't be tricky at all.
At just $40, I have found my wake up Christmas morning sweater. Apparently everyone at the local American Eagle thought the exact same thing too. The only one left was an XL. I have no shame. I bought it. It's mine. Oversized things look good on me anyways :)
To grab your own Christmas sweater or to check out the rest of the Fall 2014 line, go to

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