Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

"Do you know what day it is?" I still giggle over that camel saying "HUMP DAYY!" But I figured I would start to give you guys something to get through the rest of your week on Wednesdays. Whether it's a distraction from work or you just need a laugh to get you through your day, I hope that these are just what you need :)
Fans of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air will love what Alfonso Ribeiro did on Dancing with the Stars this week.
You can turn Jimmy Fallon's "EW!" video into a drinking game: every time he says 'ew' have a drink, or a shot. But be warned, when you wake up in the morning, you're just going to feel like 'ew.' 
It was revealed this week that my ultimate girl crush is now pregnant! Congrats to her and my guy crush, Ryan Reynolds :)
I am still obsessed with the movie Frozen; I am the equivalent of Anna. I also have an obsession with rapping; I do a fantastic rendition of Get Back by Ludacris. It was the best of both worlds when I came across this Disney Princess Rap Battle.
Talk about inspirational, I looked back at old American Idol winners first auditions and found this gem.
Because everyone likes animals doing cute things, I give you: Cody the Screaming Dog.
Not only does perfect music placement give me goosebumps, every popular singer can be found in this cover of 'God Only Knows' by The Beach Boys.
Have a great Wednesday!
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