Friday, April 25, 2014

Walt Disney World

Last week I visited one of my best friends who moved down to Orlando to work at Disney World. Gifted with a talented voice, while she is not auditioning to be a Disney princess she works at Animal Kingdom driving tourists around in a truck for the safari. Can you say pinch me? Anyways my father had extra points for all his traveling and got me a ticket the week before Easter. Highly recommend that if you do not like children, do not go at this time. They are everywhere! Anyways, while she was working I would just sit by her complex pool, read, and just unwind. A lot of family issues have just come up as of late and it was nice not to worry about them and kind of focus on myself.

On the days where my friend had to work, we would spend the nights at Downtown Disney which is open to the public and gives you a small taste of Disney. We spent a lot of time at Raglan Road, an authentic Irish pub whose musicians were hired straight from from Ireland; it brought back so many memories. This hot air balloon was always so majestic looking.

One of the highlights of the trip was going to Magic Kingdom and seeing the new addition to Fantasyland, Beast's Castle from Beauty and the Beast. Disney's concept of it was a restaurant in which you can eat in the West Wing, the Ballroom, or a room that had a bunch of pictures from the film. Of course we ate in the ballroom and the ceiling was painted just like the movie!

And of course, no trip to Disney World is complete without a picture in front of Cinderella's Castle. This is my new apartment by the way, the rent is a little steep but totally worth it (just kidding! I wish) ;]