Monday, August 18, 2014


Having officially moved into the current apartment about a month ago, I am slowly but surely decorating. Can I just say how hard it is to decorate when living with your significant other? He is the manliest of men and would just like to put a recliner in the living room along with all of his sports memorabilia. Compromise in this situation is key if I want it to look remotely presentable to people and have them come over. The only items I let him bring from his old apartment were the coffee table (marble), entertainment system and TV (didn't have one myself), and his dresser (I need my own space people). 

My mother literally hangs onto everything and passes stuff along to me on a daily basis; this goes for clothes as well (we are the same size). She gave us a couch, kitchen table (marble look-a-like), a couple rugs, and at least 5 lamps (my favorite comes with an outlet to charge your phone, since we are short on space and outlets). 

I will eventually show off more pictures of the apartment as it slowly falls into place, but here's a glance of the current living room situation: 

Remember when I said compromise? Most of my art is back at my parents place and so I was at a loss at what to hang above the couch. As it turns out, my significant other is a huge Every Time I Die fan. So when we saw them at this past Warped Tour and I saw that they had a huge flag in their merchandise tent, I thought why not? It was just the cherry on top that we got to meet them and have them sign the flag. 

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